SAE J2027 Automobile Fuel Pipe Fire Resistance Test Machine


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Automobile Fuel Pipe Fire Resistance Test Machine used to test the fire resistance of the automobile pipe surface and the durability of the fuel pipe combustion. It is in line with Standard 30MS401 “Fuel Hose Fire” and SAE J2027 “Automobile Pipe Shield” test standard.

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SAEJ2027 Automobile Fuel Pipe Fire Resistance Test Machine


Flowmeter:-300 L/h

Application:-Automobile Fuel Pipe


Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Model Number:-D354

Gas:-Accuracy of 2%, 0.5 ~ 5 L/min

Burning time:-0~99.99/H/M/S

Standard:-SAE J2027

Warranty:-1 Year

Test chamber:-385(H) * 204(W) * 360(D) mm

Power supply:-220V 50Hz

 Main technical parameters
Instrument composition The test machine, three combustion chamber bodies, combustion consists of two control chambers lamps, solenoid valves, high-voltage igniters, thermometers, signal and lower brackets. The control lines and sample upper chamber and combustion timing, automatic end of stainless steel, which is beautiful chamber of the machine are made in appearance, corrosion, and has high automation degree of resistant to smoke and gas of automatic ignition, automatic air control system. It has functions supply, automatic test, etc. The use is stable and reliable.
Combustion chamber Outer chamber is SUS304 stainless steel
Test chamber volume: 385mm (height) * 204mm (width) * 360mm (deep)
The test chamber is, there is a tempered glass observation equipped with a throttle valve window in front.
Control chamber Burning time: 0~99.99/H/M/S arbitrarily Flameout arbitrarily set, accurate to 0.1S, origin: Taiwan
set, accurate to 0.1S, origin: Taiwan time: 0~99.99/H/M/S
Automatic ignition function
Test chamber volume: width x height x depth: 330 x 550 x 330mm
Pressurization system Intelligent digital pressure control table, control range: +200Kpa ~ -100KPa, control accuracy: 0.1KPa, origin: Taiwan
Tube pressure gauge
Set of sealing devices
One air compressor (customer-supplied)
Set of clamp pipe fixing test pipe device
Adjusting the pressure device (Taiwan)
Timer: 0~99.99(h/m/s), accurate to 0.1S, origin: Taiwan
Burner system Flowmeter: 300L/h one
Medium: Gas, accuracy of 2% 0.5 ~ 5 L/min
Burning nozzle: NO.160 nozzle one (nozzle inner diameter ¢0.04)



Frequently Asked Questions:-

what is Automobile Fuel Pipe Fire Resistance Test?

Fire resistance battery could traction battery safety withstand the intended fire for 2 minutes test is to confirm whether traction which is the minimum time from burning car. This test is considered for evacuating drivers and passengers one of the important tests.


D354 | SAEJ2027 Automobile Fuel Pipe Fire Resistance Test Machine


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