90 Degree Road Vehicles Wire or Cable Bending Test Apparatus


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Customized support:-OEM, ODM

Power supply:-AC220V, 50Hz

Application:-Wire or Cable

Wire current:-100 mA


Bending angle:-30°, 45°, 60°, 90°

Fixture curvature:-R4.5mm, R5.6mm, R6.9mm

Surface dealing:-Baking finish

Model Number:-D546

Test speed:-10 – 60 times/min

Standard:-UL 817

Test sample:-6 sets

Product Description

90 Degree Road Vehicles Wire or Cable Bending Test Apparatus


  1. Application

    It is suitable for shielded and unshielded multi-core bending, rocking test cables for road of round, sheathed vehicles.2. Standards

    meet the requirements of GB/T25087-2010 standard.
3. Technical parameters
Working power supply AC220V 50Hz
Test speed 10-60 times / minute Adjustable
Bending angle 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° can be set
Test sample 6 sets of wire tests are performed at the same time.
The total number of swings is 7 counters One of which is the 0-999999 the start of the test to the time can be preset, the other total number each sample of the work count piece workpiece, used to of swings 6 are one per of times the number from of the bend.
Weight 36 pcs for each of 12.5N, 20N, 30N, 50N, 80N, and 125N
Conductor continuity detection Wire current 100mA, voltage 12V
Fixture curvature R4.5mm, R5.6mm, R6.9mm, R10mm, R12.75, R16mm


What is the purpose of bending?

A bending test apparatus is a forming machine tool a bend on a work (DIN 8586). Its purpose is to manufactured by using a bending tool assemble the piece. A bend is during a linear or rotating move.

What is meant by the bend test?

A bend test is a way to evaluate the quality of materials of resist cracking or other surface certain materials. Bend tests for ductility ability to irregularities during one provide a method for measuring stiffness and yield properties simply by their continuous bend.

What is bending stress?

Bending stress is a more bottom fiber of the beam undergo specific type fibers of the beam undergo a normal of normal stress When a beam experiences load like the horizontal plane of the neutral is that shown in the figure on the top compressive stress. The stress at zero The normal tensile stress.

How do you do a 90-degree turn?

For making a 90-degree turn, just turn the steering in minimum turning of opposite before will and steer the car opposite a little the turn approaches, direction immediately turns in the desired direction, that, then help to take a turn with the steering.