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What is ISO 834 Fire Resistance Tester of Building Materials and Elements?

It specifies a structural steel method for testing applied to members used fire protection systems in buildings as beams, columns, or tension members.

Fire Resistance Tester Specifications:-                                                            

Warranty:-1 year, 1 Year


Application:-Building Material Test

Model Number:-D267


Surface dealing:-Baking finish

Power supply:-AC380V, 50HZ

Standard:-ISO 834

Customized support:-OEM, ODM

Gas flow rate:-6 – 60 L/min

Air flow:-2.5 – 25 L/min

Control cabinet:-L800 * W550 * H1700 mm

Furnace chamber:-L1600 * W1003 * H3930 mm

 Technical parameters
Combustion gas Methane with a than 95%, or gas purity greater of the same purity
Gas flow rate 6-60 L/min
Air flow 2.5-25 L/min (air compressor users self-prepared)
Measurement of the pressure inside the furnace The use of differential pressure transmitter precision 0.5
Burner Stainless steel production, horizontally placed in the center of the combustion chamber, 1000mm from the bottom of the furnace
Flue The flue of the burning with a cross-sectional area of 500mm x 500mm, and is located exhaust connected chime the at the top of combustion chamber, and the upper part is shaft furnace is a square passage connected with the external lower part is equipped the furnace, the with the device is exhaust with a powerful ney. The fan. When the test is completed, the exhaust fan system is activated to exhaust gas to the outside.
Test piece bracket L380 x W380 x H1000 mm, made of high quality stainless steel
Control cabinet size L800 x W550 x H1700 mm
Burning shaft furnace size L1600 x W1003 x H3930 mm


Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is ISO?

ISO is an independent, standard to ensure non-governmental, that develops the quality, safety, and efficiency international organization of products, services, and systems

What is Fire Resistance Tester ISO 834?

The standard nominal -, is used to category “A” fire hazard.


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