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IEC 60331-21 Resistance to Fire Alone – Fire Resistant Cable Test


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Resistance To Fire Alone:
This is fire resistance test alone. In this test cable sample under test is held by means of suitable clamps. Five rings are provided for smaller diameter cables.

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Specification Compliance:

  1. BS 6387
  2. IEC 60331-21
  3. IEC 60331-1/2/3/4
  4. Model Number:-D213


1. The middle portion of the cable is supported by 2 metals rings and three additional support

2. Resistance to fire alone test is compliant to IEC 60331-21 including

Short Circuit Detection

Open Circuit Detection

3. It has the unit is equipped with an appropriate circuit breaker with transformer protection and digital overload relay as specified in the test standard.

4. Fully automatic 3 single phase power supply

5. PLC microprocessor based control system

6. Automatic current adjustment

7. Automatic fault detection system

Model: D213